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Corporate NameNippon Ceramic Co., Ltd.
Principal Office176-17 Hirooka, Tottori-shi 689-1193 JAPAN
Management PhilosophyWe contribute to mankind by means of providing products of true value for people around the world.
Our Mission for SocietyLet's contribute to society through the creation of fusion between software and hardware.
EstablishedJune 1975
Common StockJP\10,994,476,996(as of December 31, 2018)
Number of EmployeesConsolidated: 1,370(1,885) Non-consolidated: 248(42)(as of December 31, 2018)
Nature of BusinessR&D, manufacture and sales of various sensors, module, electronic components and others.
Stock ListingsThe first section in the Tokyo Securities Exchange Market.
Accounting PeriodJanuary to December
Company ProfilePDF 6.2M
Note: The number of employees shown denotes full-time employees only. Annual average number of temporary employees is shown in parentheses.
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