Home electronics

Microwave ovens
Thermopile infrared sensors : Detects temperature difference in food to cook the food evenly.

Air conditioner
Pyroelectric and thermopile infrared sensor : Detect body temperature, amount of activities and their locations, and help air conditioners provide comfortable temperatures and wind blows for each person. They play a role in saving energy.

IH cooker
Ferrite : The ferrite core prevents leakage of magnetic flux and enhance the energy efficiency.

IH cooker
Thermopile infrared sensor : Detects temperature of the bottom of a pan and optimize temperature for cooking.

Office automation equipment

Multi function printer
Pyroelectric sensor / Distance sensor : Detects approaching person to turn on the printer or to return from power-saving mode.

Multi function printer
Thermopile infrared sensor : Detects the temperature of a thermal rollers of office printers without contact and start up the printer quickly.

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