Utilizing years of state of art ceramic technology experience, Nicera, a global leader in pyrodetector protection, has developed a compete line of excellent technology ferrite materials.

The low loss, high-μ cores will have big impact on your device compactness, high efficiency and high performance, especially in a wide temperature and high frequency region.

It is applied from power supply of all electric equipments to Hybrid car. It plays a vital role everywhere.

Low Loss Material Characteristicslist10M  5M  2M  NC-2H  2HM5  2HM4  4H
NC-1L  NC-4Y
High i Material CharacteristicslistNC-5Y  NC-7  NC-10H  12H  15H
EMC Suppression Materials CharacteristicsSH5  SH10
Low Distortion Material Charateristics10TB
Wide Temperature Material CharateristicsWT-10
High B Material CharacteristicslistBM18  BM25  BM27  BM29  BM30  BM40
3H2  BM50  3H  3B
Communication Systerm(LAN) Material Characteristics 4B

EP-Type Ferrite CoresPDF(63K)
RM-Type Ferrite CoresPDF(67K)
Pot-Type Ferrite CoresPDF(58K)
PQ-Type Ferrite CoresPDF(26K)
EET-Type Ferrite CoresPDF(67K)
E-Type Ferrite CoresPDF(130K)
TOROIDS & U-Type Ferrite CoresPDF(81K)
Special Ferrite CoresPDF(31K)

Low Loss Material For Wide Temperature
Please contact our sales department for any inquiries about the low loss material for wide temperature.

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