Compares to the five senses of human, infrared sensor is the role of "eye". Material called ferroelectrics absorbs thermal energy that changes spontaneous polarization generating a surface electrical charge. The charge is proportional to polarization change. This phenomenon is called the pyroelectric effect. Infrared sensor using fine ceramic materials can detects even the slight infrared energy charge, such as that emitted from a human body. Application is various and our sensor is used all over the world. It brings safety and amenity life for you.

Thermopile sensor is a thermal IR sensor that generates thermo-electric voltage proportionally to thermal energy that is converted from incident infrared energy when it has received infrared energy radiated from an object. Absolute energy amount (temperature) is detectable with the thermopile sensor. Pyro sensor is a differential output type sensor that is applied by pyroelectric effect for detection. It is suitable for motion detecting. On the other hand, thermopile sensor is a DC output type sensor which is applied by Seebeck effect. It is suitable to detect absolute temperature value of the object. These two sensors can be chosen according to application and purpose of IR detection.
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