The Following Transformers & Coils are also available in custom-made base.

Toroidal coil

Common mode, Normal mode, Improved power factor application, Various core of Amorphous, Ferrite, Dust

Choke coil

Standard type
Flat wire type
SMD flat wire type
Power choke coil
Various core of Amorphous, Ferrite, Dust

Common mode choke coil

Standard type
High curent flat wire type

CCFL driving inverter transformer


Switching power supply transformer/Electronic ballast transformer

The two upper right : Regular type
Upper left : Barriertape less triple insulated winding wire type
Lower right : Flat type
Lower left : Low profile type
DC-DC converter transformers
For standard power transformers

Control transformer

Hybrid IC for home electronics equipment

Current transformer

Current detection transformer

Transformer for communication device

Telecom transformer
Pulse transformer
Common mode choke coil
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